i dont wanna be your friend i wanna kiss your neck
July 25th 14 · 9 notes


"I was falling for a girl who would ask me to come over just for the day, while her parents were away. Now all I can do is lay in my room, fall asleep, dream of you, wake up and do nothing about it"

July 25th 14 · 7 notes


I’ll move on and forget you, we could never see eye to eye, but either way…

July 24th 14 · 0 notes

i’d rearrange the fucking stars the moon and the sun to have you back 

July 24th 14 · 1 note

cba when deep down a part of me is always gonna love you and you’ve got somebody new



going on a christian camp but im not even religious

i was reading through my journal and i found this one page and it broke me

"If it makes you less sad we’ll start talking again. You can tell me how vile I already know that i am”

Glow x
July 23rd 14 · 4 notes

ugh i love boys